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Symbiosis Assistance Pvt Ltd

Started in 2019 with a vision to provide ease of doing International Trade and Commerce by consistently providing
unbeatable and unmatchable services to International Clients, we have successfully grown and still growing with our young and
electrifying core team & highly qualified and motivated over 50 employees.

What we do


One of the key ingredients of any successful international trading enterprise is the efficient management of its supply chain. Logistics is what bridges the gap between supply & demand.

We at Symbiosis Assistance Pvt. Ltd. are equipped with specialized personnel who handle global logistics across multi modal platforms.

Logistics support includes freight negotiation, booking confirmation, and execution on behalf of clients with shipping lines and other various intermodal vendors and warehouses.


In any business, management of finances and accounts is one of the key aspects ensuring longevity and growth. From fetching real-time, comprehensive financial and operational reports to cost reduction and budget planning, the finance department of an organization is vast and demands proper preparation.

We at Symbiosis Assistance Pvt. Ltd. offer complete financial management with reliable controls on all your needs so you can enjoy absolute peace of mind.


Research & Development team at Symbiosis Assistance Pvt. Ltd. provides high-quality market research services to our patron in Europe. Our patron looks at us as a trusted research service provider allowing them to expand their businesses geographically across various verticals, whilst maintaining their high standards of client service.

We have a rigorous research-driven methodology, which has been refined with the experience gained over time. It combines using a variety of research techniques and market intelligence.


Meaning and Importance – International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP).

Effective execution of an International Trade involves:
1. Smooth Delivery of Goods & Services:
2. Clean transfer of Title
3. Seamless Movement of Funds


Symbiosis Assistance Pvt. Ltd. offers Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services to our client company Synergy Tradeco NV and all its affiliate companies.

In regards to services, our focus is on the provision of top-end, high-quality, knowledge-based legal outsourcing services, such as legal research, drafting of documents, registration in new countries, complying with all environment regulations, proper vigilance of required documents for shipments, discussion with authorities, expert lawyer advice and guidance, covering business transactions from risk, licensing every new product related to all markets and countries our client do business in.

Come, join us

At Symbiosis Assistance Pvt Ltd, every challenge spans the globe. We need employees who can work closely with our customers, suppliers, shipping lines, bankers and insurers.

If you are interested please email your CV at info@symbiosisassistance.com

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